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Lyric Land Launch

Although we're still in a world of stages of Lockdown, it has still been a very busy June.

I've just launched LyricLand, my online platform for all of my education projects. This is where all of my students can login to work on their projects, whether it is online Jazz teaching, my bespoke primary school curriculum, songwriting courses, my Junior Music Festival work or my assembly song collections. By clicking on the logo below you can visit the website to see all of the exciting education work I am involved in across multiple organisations. This resource is still in the early stages of development, over the coming weeks and months more content, projects and songs will be added until it is a one stop shop for all of the education, community outreach and social engagement work I've been doing. It is a very exciting moment to suddenly have the time to fully resource these projects into a website so they can be used by multiple organisations and projects all whilst safeguarding my creative copyright and license!


In addition to LyricLand, my online Singalongs for Queen's Theatre Hornchurch have continued thanks to funding by Clarion Futures. We have had such fun raising our voices together even though we are all apart. We're about to start Week 9, so very soon it will be Disney week! The song choices are voted for by the general public from each Monday and then I appear live on the QTH Facebook Page at 11am every Thursday to work through the winning song until we all perform it together. We've had some lovely choices, from Hello Dolly to Good Morning, I Got Rhythm, Any Dream Will Do, so many glorious musical theatre songs. Every week it is an amazing reminder of how brilliant and valuable theatre is to enrich our lives.

I've also been working on some new music for the 'Sharon and Tracey' project with Local Girl Productions which I am looking forward to sharing with you.

Obviously there's no gigs any time soon, but at the moment the big band do still have a gig at the Queen's Theatre in November, so that's something to look forward to, and of course you can still listen to the album on Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube, or even buy a hard copy from this site!

Hope you are all well and stay safe everyone!