Andrew Linham

News and Gigs

July 2020

It has been another busy month in semi-Lockdown as some parts of life start slowly to get back to normal. I've been busy working across multiple projects so it has continued to be a busy period! I am finding hard to remember life before all of this though!

I've written music for the 'Sharon and Tracey Project' for Local Girl Productions, which is a piece exploring identities associated with these names which has been highly interesting. The video below shows the wonderful work done by Jules Tipton and Lauren Bracewell creating this genuinely lovely and heartwarming content!

My website for my schools work continues to grow with new songs and resources added every week and there have been many Facebook live videos from the Ardleigh Green Junior School Facebook page celebrating this work. My new collection called 'Sgt. Linham's Social Distance Land' has been very well received. Below is a link to the fun we had working through these new songs.

I also wrote a bespoke 'end of year song' for the Year 6 students as they leave for secondary school. This key moment of their lives has been marred by this shared experience and I wanted them to understand their value and that they will be missed. Get your tissues ready for the video below!

My singalong work for Queen's Theatre Hornchurch continues across the summer and all of the videos can be found in the
playlist on this link! The pictures below show what fun we've been having and the glorious costume cupboard in my loft getting a fair amount of use!


I'm also running workshops across the summer for QTH for young people, which you can find out about on their website here or in several newspaper articles such as this one.

It should be a quieter August (I think) as we still can't start playing our saxophones and singing everywhere but whatever you're up to, do remember to stay safe! I'll let you all know about gigs when they finally start being booked in again!