Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra has been entertaining audiences since 2014 with its unique style of contemporary big band writing and original compositions.

Originally established as a vehicle to perform Andrew's first major work 'The Linferno Suite', this madcap ensemble has grown a considerable catalogue of compositions stoked with energy, humour and invention seen primarily in their second major work 'Theme Music for Anarchic Animals'. Their debut album 'Weapons of Mass Distraction' (2017) received critical acclaim and featured the talents of many of London's greatest jazz performers.

With regular gigs punctuating the calendar, one highlight is the annual Christ-Mess Special at the Vortex Jazz Club.

It's time to introduce the band…

Saxes: Tommy Andrews, Phil Meadows, Riley Stone Lonergan, Jonny Chung, Andrew Linham

Trumpets: Barney Lowe, Matt Roberts, Sam Warner, Miguel Gorodi

Trombones: Tom Green, Raph Clarkson, Chris Saunders, Barney Medland

Rhythm Section: Tom Millar (p), Rich Perks (gtr), Andrew Robb (bs), David Ingamells (d)

Other regulars often include: Chris Maddock, Sam Glazer, Alec Harper, Albert Garza, Will Gibson, Tom Smith, Tom Ridout, Jonny Griffiths, Rob Milne, Matt Anderson, George Millard, Nadim Teimoori, Rosie Turton, Chris Valentine, Rory Ingham, Joe Fenning, Ed Parr, Vij Prakash, Patrick Kenny, Maddie Dowdeswell, Alex Paxton, Toby Simmons, Andrew Hall, Kim Macari, Mark Perry, Henry Spencer, Sean Gibbs, Ryan Linham, Andrew Roberts, Tom Syson, Ewan Gilchrist, Nick Walters, Rob Brockway, Dougie Freeman, Pete Lee, Hilary Cameron, Jason Simpson, Peter Gavin, Josh Law, Katie Patterson, Jay Davis.