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Performing @ Chatsworth Road Festival September 2014

Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra:

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“This 17-piece contemporary big band led by U.K.-based baritone saxophonist, composer and educator Andrew Linham is one of the boldest—and most eccentric—large jazz ensembles performing today. This is a group with chops and personality to spare, not to mention a madcap sense of humor.”

“They play with guts and attitude, and manage to inject outrageous humor into even the most demanding of musical passages, striking a perfect balance between the sublime and the ridiculous.”

The cleverly titled Weapons of Mass Distraction firmly establishes the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra has a signification addition to today’s big band scene and a group that deserves wider recognition at the international level.” Ed Enright, Downbeat Review (Editor’s Pick) December 2017

“Andrew Linham certainly knows how to write a good tune. This is music to warm you and lift you spirit. Weapons of Mass Distraction as a title for an album begs all sorts of puns, but it is sufficient to say this is an enjoyable, memorable, accessible album that deserves to be heard.”

Ian Maund, SandyBrownJazz November 2017

“I like it a lot - Good Stuff!” - Clare Teal BBC Radio 2

“Is this a big band, a jazz orchestra or another dimension?” - Lance Liddle, BebopSpokenHere October 2017

Eccentric Big Band Swing” - Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra described by Paul Pace, London Jazz Festival 2015

“Tragic, hilarious, dark and downright bizarre” Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra audience member

London City Big Band:

"As a Basie fan for about 60 years I can honestly say that your sound is the closest to The Count I have ever heard" - London City Big Band @Ronnie Scotts 2014

“...The band and the audience did not allow Andrew Linham to end his baritone sax solo on Thad Jones’ ‘Three In One’ until his breathe finally ran out.” - Ian Maund - Jazzwise review of London City Big Band at Ronnie Scotts - September 2014

Andrew Linham Quartet:

“The lineage from Kenny Garrett is evident. Whether on rapid-fire or slow-burn setting, Linham is a musician of tremendous invention and flow.” - Robert Shore Jazzwise May 2012.

On this CD Andrew reveals himself to be a composer of distinction and an outstanding alto player” -Lance Liddle - REVIEW of ‘Abandoned Silence - Andrew Linham Quartet’.

"He ratcheted up the intensity until he was channelling Kenny Garrett through a firestorm of his own fertile imagination that left club goers open-mouthed..... There are more than enough reasons to catch [him] again. Very soon."
Jon Newey, Jazzwise, February 2011

Musical Theatre:

“The familiar numbers are in the safe hands of Andrew Linham’s superb band, proudly wearing red sparkly bowlers, with pit prop bric-a-brac spilling over into their house too.” - The Reviews Hub - Our House 2016

“...a pub pianist who would have been very much at home in the Ten Bells.” Michael Gray review of ‘Paper Planes’ 2014.


a memorable solo from clarinettist Andrew Linham’ - MIMIKA Review @ London Jazz Festival (2015)

Having an excellent time playing their own brand of semi-political futurist space jazz... chaotic exuberant set of improvisations...” Jazz Breakfast @ Love Supreme 2014.

" ‘Shiva’, raised the temperature again with Andrew Linham really digging in on alto." Trevor Bannister, LondonJazz review of Michael Garrick Big Band @ Ronnie Scotts August 2011

Very Impressive" - Jazz UK review of Dusty Ice Cream @ Leeds International Jazz Conference 2010.


“Latin-Jazz with creativity far beyond the call of duty.” - Jazz UK [Brian Priestley]

This band sounds Killing! Great compositions and playing.” - Tango Siempre

Leeds Latin Jazz Young Lions” - DJ Lubi

“I’ll tell you what, Yoruba are amazing.” - DJ Gib.

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