April 2018

It has been a busy few weeks as Spring arrives with some fantastic gigs. London City Big Band was sounding incredible at the Spice of Life on Wednesday 28th March and Urban Big Band at Googlies on Sunday 8th April is the best I’ve ever heard the Urban band sound. I absolutely love big bands (which is of course why I run my own!) and these two have been an absolute triumph indeed.

I’ve also had a great time at Musikmesse in Frankfurt Germany for three days with SaxRax which was jolly good fun as ever! I even got my room upgraded to a Suite which was sweet (pun intended, obviously!)

Walk in shower and heated toilet seat - #livingthedream!

Looking ahead, here is some of the gigs coming up over the next three months:

Wednesday 18th April - Jazz @ St. Ants
Saturday 21st April - Ken Turner Big Band @ Upminster Windmill Hall
Wednesday 25th April - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life
Wednesday 2nd May - Urban Big Band @ Pinner Jazz Club
Friday 4th May - ECHO @ The Drill, Romford
Friday 11th May - Andrew Linham Quartet @ Ardleigh Green Jazz Club (more details to follow)
Sunday 3rd June - Jon Bennett Big Band 40th Anniversary Gig (more details to follow)
Sunday 10th June - Ken Turner Big Band @ Hornchurch Conservative Club
Sunday 17th June - Andrew Linham Quartet @ Luna Lounge Leytonstone
Wednesday 27th June - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life

I look forward to seeing you at some of these gigs!

I’m also alongside these performances going back into hiding to work on a couple of new musical based ideas and I’ve been working on a follow up as yet untitled big band album... but no news about any of that for the moment!


Time is Marching On in 2018

I had fun last week being away with some of the members of Diamond Skyline Orchestra filming something for TV. They made us wear funny carrier bags on our shoes and the picture is too good not to share!

Lads on a blue shoes tour!

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This time next week I’ll be at the Spice of Life with London City Big Band - I hope to see you there! I believe we’ve got Steve Trowell singing some Frank Sinatra hits with us so should be a great gig indeed!

LCBB @ Ronnie Scotts in 2016 (I think)

Also, watch this space as my work in Education continues to expand with Ardleigh Green Junior School. They have made a great video of my Quartet performing to the students which you can check out below:

I have such a great time working with Ardleigh Green and we’re slowly developing an even better new curriculum music which I hope to expand further across more schools!

I also need to thank YAMAHA for my continued work with them. Recently they sent me these amazing screws to join the crook and body of the saxophone together and they completely revolutionise the upper register tuning and the altisimmo. Certainly something to check out. See the picture below!

I think that’s all for now, looking ahead check out my gig list below! There’s some new writing for the big band, education projects and theatre musicals coming in the pipeline so continue to watch this space!

Oh, and Happy Easter!

Some March 2018 News


Lots of cool things coming up so thought I should update my gig list!

Here’s a select few gigs that are coming up over the next few months!

Wednesday 28th March - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life
Sunday 8th April - Urban Big Band @ Googlies Jazz Club
11th - 13th Musikmesse with SaxRax Stands and Yamaha
Wednesday 18th April - Jazz @ St. Ants
Wednesday 25th April - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life
Friday 27th April - ECHO @ The Drill, Romford

Looking ahead...

Sunday 17th June - Andrew Linham Quartet @ The Luna Lounge, Leytonstone
Wednesday 29th August - Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra @ Belvedere Jazz Club - performing the entire Atomic Mr Basie album!


There will be more dates to announce in a couple of weeks time so do watch this space as the quartet is set to be much busier this year!

Also, if you haven’t checked out the reviews for the big band album yet I’ve collated them all for you here to enjoy!

February Quartet Tour

I’ve had a great time over the last week performing with my quartet in a mini tour. It has been so great to get the music from my first album ‘Abandoned Silence’ out and performed again. It has been great to work with so many amazing musicians across this tour too. Throughout the tour I’ve worked with Sam Watts, Liam Dunachie and Chris Eldred on piano, Darren McCarthy and Jason Simpson on bass and David Ingamells on drums.

Front Cover

Below is a selection of pictures, tweets and footage from our gigs and concerts in schools, family centres, theatres and live music venues.

A big thank you to all of the organisations that have had my quartet performing, particularly Ardleigh Green Junior School, Queens Theatre Hornchurch and Luna Lounge Leytonstone.

It has been an incredible run of gigs and it is a true reminder of why we make this music! Living in the moment of live improvisation with incredible musicians... it has been an absolute pleasure.

But of course - onto the next gigs and projects and it does not stop!

London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life - this Thursday - not our usual Wednesday! Thursday 1st March 2018 - doors 7pm. Check out the website or at The Spice of Life for more details!

LCBB in October 2016

I’m also very excited that next weekend the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra are performing at The Broadway, Cambridgeshire for the Peterborough Jazz Club - details and tickets here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/HIJLJF

We’re currently promoting our new album WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION and it would be amazing to see many of you there! You can read the incredible reviews of the album here.

my big band in June 2017

Then next week I’m working with Local Girl Productions led by Lauren Bracewell at Queens Theatre Hornchurch on The Vagina Monologues which is an incredible piece of theatre being performed on Tuesday 6th March.

I think that is more than enough to be getting along with... but I am hankering to start writing something new... I wonder what it could be!

Hope to see you at the gigs coming up - lets keep music alive!

February 2017 Update


Lots of exciting things coming up this month!

For the first time in a little while my quartet are having an outing for three dates in East London over a weekend in late February. Tickets are available for the Queens Theatre link here as we will have a special guest with us!

Friday 23rd February - Queens Theatre Hornchurch (afternoon)

Friday 23rd February - Ardleigh Green Family Centre (evening)

Sunday 25th February - Luna Lounge Leytonstone

I’ve recently had some new photos done too which is exciting - fantastic work by Mark Sepple! Check various social media of mine to see some new pictures appearing!


We’ve also had a fantastic review by Ian Mann the Jazz Mann of ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ which you can read here. He said many lovely things about the album but below is one of my favourite quotes!

“It’s one of those albums that reveals more and more on each subsequent listening as one immerses oneself in the details of the arrangements.”

You can get tickets for our next Jazz Orchestra gig at Peterborough Jazz Club on Sunday 4th March here.


Doing the album and receiving so many amazing reviews has been a massive encouragement to me. As a composer I often work in isolation, coming up with my bizarre little tunes with silly titles all by myself so it is incredible to me having such amazing feedback from such a vast array of sources. If you are interested in reading lots of reviews of the album I have collated them all on a single webpage with links here for you to enjoy!

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