Succession 2018

Back in deep dark February I was working on a HBO show called ‘Succession’ and here are the amusingly vague and fleeting shots of me, Tommy Andrews and Theon Cross in the band - the poor trumpets in the back row were not spotted, nor were the rhythm section!


I love that my bald spot is the best lit thing in the above photo!!


Well at least that kind of has our faces in it!

I think you’d have to be an absolute eagle eye to spot me in this! If you care, which I’m sure you don’t, I think it is Episode 10 that we’re in!

Definitely worth it! Does this count as a TV credit? Probably not...

Early August Update 2018

I hope you are enjoying this glorious English summer like we’ve never seen before! The heat is here to stay and I’ve experienced some heat myself!

Saturday 4th August 2018

This weekend took me off to deepest darkest Oxford for the Wilderness Festival where I performed with the Patchwork Jazz Orchestra. It was an insane gig, the music written by some of the guys in the band is truly fantastic and it was a great festival too! The writing, particularly for the baritone saxophone was an absolute pleasure to play!

In other news the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra gig at the Belvedere Jazz Club is SOLD OUT which is very exciting indeed, which means you’ll have to book to see us at the Vortex on Saturday 16th December 2018 for our ‘Christ-Mess’ Extravaganza.

Also, if you have a hankering to hear my Quartet we’re doing a performance in the Queens Theatre on Thursday 29th November with guest trumpeter Sam Warner which is going to be absolutely fabulous!

Other than that enjoy the rest of this glorious summer!

But remember, Christ-Mess is coming...

Christ-Mess Is Coming 2018

I know it’s the Summer right now and nobody wants to think about Christmas shopping, mince pies and Auntie Ethel falling asleep in her yule log after too many sherries but I do have big news.


No it’s not that...

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra can officially announce that this Christmas for the first time ever we are doing a special

Christ-Mess Extravaganza at The Vortex in Dalston.

Sunday 16th December

More details can be found on the Vortex Website here!

You can even buy your tickets now - what a perfect Christmas present indeed, so get ready to don your Christmas Jumpers, kiss under the mistletoe and listen to some outrageous reharmonisations of Christmas tune fodder.

I’m even getting all the Christmas Memes ready to promote this which is going to make for some fun advertising indeed so do watch out for those on the book of face - have you liked me yet?

We hope you’re looking forward to getting into the Christmas Spirit both musically and alcoholically with us!


Christ-Mess Is Coming!!

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July 2018 Update

Hello world - the summer has finally arrived and soon the big band will again be flowing!

Check out the spangly new poster for our next gig at the Belvedere Jazz and Music Club.


It’s not often that the big band pays homage to the original great big band masters as usually we’re focussed on our original music but this is exciting indeed to be featuring The Atomic Mr Basie album as part of our set. Don’t miss out, get your tickets today!

If you do need a wallop of big band and you’re near Oxfordshire, on Saturday 4th August - Patchwork Jazz Orchestra are at Wilderness Festival in Oxford so come along to that!


I’m also hibernating myself in composition mode on a new musical, three new schools projects and I’m preparing a Christ-Mess Extravaganza for the big band - details of which are soon to be confirmed (cough, the vortex, cough, 16th dec, cough)...

Hope you all have an amazing summer!


June 2018

As usual June has been a very busy month of education projects culminating, jazz gigs and corporate work all jumbled together with some new composition work so here is a few fun and exciting things I’ve been getting up to!

Had lots of fun again this year with the Junior Music Festivals getting groups of 150 8-11yr olds on the stage of the Queens Theatre Hornchurch performing Number 1’s Through The Ages. I even kicked a beach ball off of the front of the stage into the audience - clearly a career highlight! Plus I got to dance to I’m A Believer. What more could I want?

My quartet had a great gig at Luna Lounge Leytonstone on Sunday 17th June. It was so fantastic to get my quartet tunes out and breathe new life into them in the capable hands of Liam Dunachie, Darren McCarthy and David Ingamells. They were on top form that night and it was a truly fun gig.

Talking of truly fun gigs the London City Big Band tore up the Spice of Life this Wednesday with vocalist Iain Mackenzie leading from the front - such a great night and some great snaps of the band by Paul Pace as seen below and above!

Riley mid flight! #jazz #swing #bigband

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I’ve also been busier with a band I used to be in many years ago - ECHO - a fantastic motown and soul band that are currently touring their new album that I wrote all of the horn section parts for. There’s a fun article here about who ECHO are and the new album does sound particularly good. I’m actually out with them a fair amount over the coming months so check the giglist below for more details!

On Wednesday 20th June Rich Perks and I were at Jazz @ St Ant’s performing some standards and a few of my originals. It was another great gig roasting through my originals! The Ken Turner Big Band also had their last gig at the Hornchurch Conservative Club on Sunday 10th June and they certainly went out with a bang!

I also saw my brother Ryan Linham performing with Onyx Brass at the Vortex Jazz Club which was an incredible blend of classical music with jazz and premiering some new compositions by jazz composers. Do check them out!


This a selection of a few bits and bobs coming up over the next few months / half a year!

Friday 29th June - ECHO @ The Retailery Romford 8pm

Sunday 7th July - ECHO @ Biggleswade Festival

Saturday 4th August - Patchwork Jazz Orchestra @ Wilderness Festival Oxford

Wednesday 29th August - Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra @ Belvedere Jazz Club Wickford

Friday 31st August - ECHO @ The Drill Hornchurch 8:30pm

Thursday 22nd November - Singing In The Corner @ Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Other than that I’ve got another show to write, I’m planning more gigs for the big band and have been writing lots of new music - isn’t it exciting!!