May we update you? 2018

Excuse the shameless pun... wait a second, don’t excuse it, enjoy it!

I have had an absolute blast this year performing with my quartet much more regularly as we start to establish a jazz presence within the Ardleigh Green community in Havering alongside our other performances at Queens Theatre Hornchurch and other venues. I forget how although my quartet album seems like a distant memory of a dusty 2012 the music feels as fresh and new as the day I wrote it. On Friday 11th May alongside Katie Patterson, Tom Millar and Jason Simpson we had a burning time performing this music alongside well known standards and it was such a fantastic evening. I even got the clarinet out which I’ve been recently getting back into in a more serious way! Another date for this will be announced in the near future, most likely early July!

Thanks to John Morris for this photograph and more on his @aggschool twitter feed!

It has also been busy with lots of function performing as wedding season comes pinging around the corner yet again, so it has been great to dust off the dance classics too as I never tire of good music no matter what it is!

Here’s a list of a select few dates in June of things that I’m up to.

Sunday 3rd June - Jon Bennett Big Band 40th Anniversary Gig (more details to follow)
Sunday 10th June - Ken Turner Big Band @ Hornchurch Conservative Club
Sunday 17th June - Andrew Linham Quartet @ Luna Lounge Leytonstone
Wednesday 27th June - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life

Also, if you are interested I’m leading some large scale schools projects during the middle of June linking with Havering Music School and Havering Schools’ Music Association alongside a collection of primary, junior and senior schools which is always exciting so do check out Queens Theatre Hornchurch - Junior Music Festivals.

As of next week I’m disappearing on a writing retreat and I cannot wait to share with you the new music I’ll have in my rucksack when I get back!