Time is Marching On in 2018

I had fun last week being away with some of the members of Diamond Skyline Orchestra filming something for TV. They made us wear funny carrier bags on our shoes and the picture is too good not to share!

Lads on a blue shoes tour!

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This time next week I’ll be at the Spice of Life with London City Big Band - I hope to see you there! I believe we’ve got Steve Trowell singing some Frank Sinatra hits with us so should be a great gig indeed!

LCBB @ Ronnie Scotts in 2016 (I think)

Also, watch this space as my work in Education continues to expand with Ardleigh Green Junior School. They have made a great video of my Quartet performing to the students which you can check out below:

I have such a great time working with Ardleigh Green and we’re slowly developing an even better new curriculum music which I hope to expand further across more schools!

I also need to thank YAMAHA for my continued work with them. Recently they sent me these amazing screws to join the crook and body of the saxophone together and they completely revolutionise the upper register tuning and the altisimmo. Certainly something to check out. See the picture below!

I think that’s all for now, looking ahead check out my gig list below! There’s some new writing for the big band, education projects and theatre musicals coming in the pipeline so continue to watch this space!

Oh, and Happy Easter!